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Pure mash 100

Pure mash 100 is retort mushrooms using fresh mushrooms from Netherlands.
I just pressurized it and heat-treated it to make use of a flavor of the material.
They look like boiling in water, but all the liquids are deuce derived from mushrooms.
As it is taste and full-bodied juice, please use it for cooking in conjunction with mushrooms.

Seven reasons to use Pure mash 100

Use example

■As ingredients of Western-style dishes to pasta salad sources.
■Make use of a flavor, body; and to stewed dishes such as the curry stew.
■Please use a topping or the quiche croque monsieur of the pizza for various dishes as ingredients of the bread.
As ingredients
For getting out body of the source
Is it full of flavors with a stewed dish?

Quality standard

Slice 6 kg X 3
Slice 2.5 kg X 4
The dice 6 kg X 3
Aluminum laminating bag
Load look
Corrugated cardboard
Slice (6mm)/dice (7*7*9mm)
Solid content
About 50%
6.3 ±0.4
Storage condition
Normal temperature storage
The expiration date
After the production two years (unopened)
Halal correspondence
Process of manufacture
Raw materials acceptance → Washing → Quality confirmation → Washing → Examination for appearance → Cut → Drainer → Filling → Deaeration packing → Retort sterilization → X-rays → Product

Recommended recipe using Pure mash 100

Creamy champignon soup

I can draw taste to the maximum by using it to juice of Pure mash 100.
◎Materials (about 1 kg of completion)
<A> Mushrooms paste
Pure mash 100 (solidity 1: juice 1), ‥ 400 g
Potato 5mm slice…130 g
Onion 5mm slice…90 g
Poirot 5mm slice…65 g
Butter…25 g
Phone buran…250 g
Leaf of the laurier…0.1 g
Milk…120 g
Phone buran…60 g
Fresh cream (42%)…25 g
Butter…5 g
Salt…3 g
Pepper…0.6 g
◎How to make
(1) It heats butter of A in a pan and I add potato slice with onion slice if I saute powarosuraisu until tender and fry it lightly.
(2) I put phone buran of A and Pure mash 100 in every juice and add the leaf of the laurier and boil it until a potato softens.
(3) I take out the leaf of the laurier and take you off fire. If I run in a mixer and consist into paste form, it is completion of the mushrooms paste.
(4) I put mushrooms paste in the pan and I add milk, phone buran, fresh cream, salt, the pepper and warm it up.
(5) I put butter in the finish and am completion.


I am finished to the pasta with mushrooms source which I made use of a flavor in well by adding mushrooms extract.
◎Materials (about 300 g of completion)
Pure mash 100 (solidity 2: juice 1)…150 g
Garlic mince…1.5 g
Fresh cream…100 g
Onion saute 30% dice 3.2mm…20 g
Pure olive oil…20 g
Parmesan cheese…5 g
Salt…2 g
Saw a fault; black pepper…0.2 g
Butter…12 g
Mushrooms extract MO-3730…3.5 g
Processing starch…2 g
◎How to make
(1) Every juice sprinkles Pure mash 100 in a mixer and becomes the paste.
(2) It heats pure olive oil and heats it until I put a garlic mince, and a fragrance appears.
(3) I put remaining materials and am completion if I boil it down lightly.


An onion, butter check Pure mash 100 with dukuserusosu to a base and feature the taste that is heavy with the sauce which I boiled down. It is usable to various dishes as a secret ingredient and is convenient.
◎Materials (about 860 g of completion)
<A> dukuserusosu
Pure mash 100 (solidity 1: juice 1)…64 g
Onion saute 30% paste…11 g
Butter…4.5 g
Refined salt…0.3 g
White pepper…0.01 g
mirupowapesutosote 40%…20 g
Rice…150 g
Chicken bouillon powder ME470C…15 g
Water…150 g
Butter…10 g
Chicken peach small square of wood limit…80 g
Extra virgin olive oil…5 g
Pure mash 100 (solidity 1: juice 1)…200 g
Chopped parsley (for the decoration)…Small quantity
◎How to make
(1) I sprinkle every juice in a mixer and make Pure mash 100 of A paste.
(2) I add materials of remaining A and heat up and boil it down to 55% of yield.
(3) I add other materials and cook it with a rice cooker. It should be cooked and mixes it and is completion carrying the chopped parsley for the decoration.
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