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Development room

Various seasonings are used for processed foods sold now in a convenience store and a supermarket such as instant Chinese noodles, retort curry, frozen food, tilde food.
I have the products of the wide lineup more than 500 kinds such as *niku extract and fishery products extract, yeast extract, the seasoning oil which did it including beef and pork, chicken as seasoning to make the basics of taste of the overall these processed foods in the Meioh Co., Ltd. and provide the seasoning which accepted the needs of the visitor every day.
In addition, I apply the technique and lay emphasis on development of the new material which can improve a flavor more.
                 Development room scenery
              Pressurization decompression kneader
               Retort sterilization machine

Trial manufacture apparatus

Pressurization decompression kneader
15L, 150L size
Retort sterilization machine
It is size for *100 meal of 200 g/ pouches
Spray-dry yeah
A nozzle type. 500-700 g of quantity of time evaporation
Fluid bed granulator
500-700 g/ batch
High-speed stirring type *2, pressure emulsification type (up to 2,000 kg/cm3) one
Shaking culture machine, evaporator, shifter, vacuum seal machine, powdery Brenda -

Custom tailoring of the seasoning

I perform development and production of original seasoning from various material to the needs of the visitor in the Meioh Co., Ltd. Please feel free to consult me.

Making, suggestion of the recipe

The suggestion of the full-scale recipe in all by the professional cook Japanese, Western, and Chinese style is possible in the Meioh Co., Ltd. Let alone a dish utilized the material, I provide a recipe having high completeness that added various seasonings to it.
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