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Deep sea mineral water powder

As for the Deep sea mineral water powder, the deep-ocean water which drew water is made from Izu Akazawa offing depth of the water 800m to raw materials. I concentrate the mineral water which I desalt this deep-ocean water by an electrodialysis device and got by the original manufacturing method (patent acquisition finished), and the thing which I powdered is Deep sea mineral water powder.
The Deep sea mineral water powder is a high product of the added value that is available to an unpleasant aftertaste of a grant and the food of the complicated taste peculiar to a mineral, various food including the masking effect on smell.


  • I can set the hardness of the product freely to show the hardness 80000 or more by using Deep sea mineral water powder.
  • I can declare "use of deep-ocean water" by it is a naturally derived mineral and using this product.
  • Can reduce transportation cost in comparison with deep-ocean water itself, also, putrefactive; do not worry. In addition, the feature is that the expiration date is long.
  • For a soybean product and fishery products, I have a characteristic masking function.
  • A fragrance of the butter becomes more attractive by addition to bread.
  • I can expect an effect to promote the increase of the lactic acid bacterium.

Flavor, teimiaratamezenkoka

Flavor, teimi
Quantity of addition (comparison)
Applied example
Straight smell
0.1 ... 0.5% (cod roe)
Fishery products products such as cod roes
0. 1-0.5% (soybean milk)
Soybean milk, tofu, green soup
egu taste, bitterness
(I draw natural sweetness and acidity)
0.1 ... 0.5% (source)
Caramel sauce, fruit sauce of the citrus fruit system, vegetable protein

About a patent technology

It was that I made salt, and metal such as calcium and magnesium precipitated until now that became the problem when I made deep-ocean water (containing the bittern) concentration, the powder. This salt becomes the indissolubility for water entirely when formed once and cannot get the powder which there is not of the sediment. In addition, a left mineral performed a deliquescence even if I powdered it except an insoluble matter, and there was the problem that it was very difficult to get stable powder. I succeeded in getting the powder of the mineral which did not produce indissolubility deposition at all by adding glycine which was kind of the amino acid when I concentrated marine depths mineral water in the Meioh Co., Ltd., and using the chelate action to take in a metal atom between between glycine molecules.

①Addition test for the soybean milk

As a result of having added 0.3% of Deep sea mineral water powder, hexanal which was a causative agent of the immaturity of the soybean milk than a left note graph was found to decrease in about 1/3.
In the sensuality examination of the right figure, it turns out that it becomes easy to largely in comparison with a key sample take the addition product.

②Addition test for the cod roe

It is revealed that a smell of sulfuration dimethyl which is the causative agent of the live smell to have of the cod roe is half restrained soon by adding 0.3% of Deep sea mineral water powder than a left note graph. In addition, by the sensuality result of the right figure, it turns out that I am effective in bitterness and egu taste.

③Addition test for the bread

I control a yeast smell when I add Deep sea mineral water powder 0.3% for the training water and let a fragrance of butter and the wheat become more attractive with that. In addition, I control the freezing smell when I refrigerated it.

<usage example>

The combination ratio (baguette)
For 1 kg of powder,
・65% of water
・2% of salt
・0.25% of yeast 
・It is 0.3% for the training water in Deep sea mineral water powder

※You dissolve the Deep sea mineral water powder in water by all means, and please use it.
※When I cook other bread, the standard, please use 0.3% Deep sea mineral water powder for the training water.
※The hard water of hardness about 250 is made when I dissolve Deep sea mineral water powder in water 0.3%. As this is equal to tap water of Paris, a secret to be able to make the bread such as home France is right here.
※As cloth may loosen by dough and temperature to some extent, please adjust quantity to add water to on this occasion.

About safety

  • An LD50 level: 2,000 mg/kg or more ※Acute oral toxicity test using the female mouse
  • All the PCB does not detect arsenic (as As), heavy metal (as Pb), total mercury ※The food analysis center investigation

About indication

  • In the case of less than 5% of quantity of addition → A deep-ocean water artefact or deep-ocean water powder
  • In the case of quantity of addition more than 5% → Deep-ocean water artefact (concentration desalination deep-ocean water, reduction starch syrup)
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