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Trust development

Flow of the trust development

[1] Inquiry

At first, by a telephone or an email, please feel free to contact us.

[2] Make arrangements in detail

Our business development person in charge asks you about a request in detail.
I examine trust conditions to be able to measure up to the requests of the visitor.

[3] Table trial manufacture, trial product evaluation

I start development if I can take it in us.
I perform trial product development based on longtime development experience and the technical data of the cooperation factory,
I produce it experimentally until you can understand a visitor.

[4] Line test

Of the trial product if can have understanding it, carry out a line test.
A little produces it at a real line and confirms whether there is not an inconvenient point.

[5] Product specification setting

I make arrangements about the quality of the product and decide standards.

[6] This production, delivery of goods

I start the production with the actual machine.
I confirm whether a product according to standard is finished safely for the last time and deliver it immediately.
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