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Food security room

Approach to security, a guarantee of quality

For Meioh of the quality
Quality control, guarantee of quality that place securing of our handling food safety as the most important work in the Meioh Co., Ltd., and are thorough around a food security room,
It is clear and offers relief, a safe product to the visitor by performing traceability.

Main duties contents

1: Making of a quality standard, the warranty
2: Traceability of raw materials
3: Acquisition, analysis of the industry information
4: Confirmation of the production process by the inspection to a cooperation factory
5: Management and analysis of the production lot sample
Maintain the guarantee of quality system in the above-mentioned item; shall be the most important, and is first with safety,
I try for product supply of the quality that can be satisfied with a visitor.
I make the general system including research and development, business, duties, a cooperation factory
When a problem happened by proclaiming a wide variety of check systems
I cope quickly and can send correct information to a visitor quickly.

Analysis facilities

Physics and chemistry analysis

Analysis item
Analysis method
Dry weight loss
The ordinary pressure ustulation method (105 degrees Celsius, five hours)
Infrared water meter
The mall method
All nitrogen
The combustion method (the improved Dumas method)
Crude fat
The acidolysis method
For ash
The direct ashing method
Water activity (Aw)
Electrical resistance-style hygrometry
The glass electrode method
Solid content (Brix)
Refraction sugar content measurement fixed rule
Acid value (AV), peroxide value (POV)
Standard oils and fats analysis
The acidity, the hardness
Absorbance, transmissivity
Spectrophotometer assay

Microbe examination

General number of living bacteria
The dry process nutrient medium method
Coliform bacterium, Escherichia coli
Mold, yeast
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