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Product introduction

Meat products

It is the extract which I extracted from a bone and meat such as beef, pork, the chicken.
I have an additive-free article and a lot of types that fixed the taste.
It becomes the base on cooking various dishes and gives you natural taste and body wearing well.
Product explanation
Beef extract
I stew domestic production, foreign beef, a cow bone, beef fat to raw materials and prepare for a strong type of a feeling and the sexual feeling, the thing with the flavor to heat and cook again.
Pork extract
I prepare the extract which assumed domestic pork bones raw materials mainly. There are the seiyu type that I have begun to cook slowly and carefully or the plain hot water type that I can use for a base of the Kyushu pork bones ramen.
Chicken extract
I prepare the extract which assumed the fresh chicken of domestic production, the foreign product, a chicken bone raw materials. I prepare a chicken plain hot water type or a low concentration frozen type utilized the flavor widely.
Oil, others
Seasoning oil based on a cow, a pig, various oil which I extracted from a chicken, those oil. I prepare extract-based seasoning powder, the seasoning of the compound type that I put together.

Seafood products

A bonito, the kombu which selected carefully, the extract which I have begun to cook carefully not to spoil a flavor from the raw materials such as the scallop,
I prepare floating oil for the ramen which assumed dried bonito yasaba clauses raw materials.
Product explanation
Fishery products extract
I prepare the extract beginning, a scallop, a short-necked clam of the stock used traditionally such as a bonito, kombu, the dried small sardines, extract such as the spiny lobster.
Fishery products oil
I prepare dried bonito and dried small sardines, the seasoning oil which assumed other miscellaneous seasonal day raw materials again which are used a lot in ramen.
I prepare complex fishery products extract with bare type and gyohishioto of the soup stock as raw materials.

Yeast product

The extract which assumed baker's yeast and a brewery yeast raw materials. Yeast is made by disintegrating and has rich taste,
I bring about the body of the dish.
Including us's original marine yeast extract, it is a hand to a base in brewery yeast, extract and them of the baker's yeast
I donate various types of yeast extract which I added o to to the visitor.
Product explanation
Marine yeast extract
It is the yeast extract of the light color that extracted marine yeast derived from seawater by zymolysis as raw materials. It has body and can use it for various uses with strong taste. There are a type with the cloudiness including the cell wall and a clear type.
Based on yeast extract, I prepare various types of products with the flavor that burnt chicken or beef.

Vegetables, mushroom product

With extract with the thick taste that I extracted from a shiitake, mushrooms, it is most suitable for raises of the taste.
In addition, prepare for garlic, ginger, the extract which you extracted from various vegetables such as onions, a crush end
I go down.
Product explanation
Shiitake extract
There is a type characterized by a type and the nice smell that emphasized taste. Sauce or dressing are most suitable for various dishes regardless of the Japanese-Western style inside.
Mushrooms extract
I use mushrooms from the Netherlands. By raises of the taste, soup sources are most suitable for Western-style dishes.
Garlic powder
A flavor of the garlic is strong and is suitable when I want to add an accent to ramen soup.
Pure mash
It is retort mushrooms which processed fresh mushrooms from the Netherlands by a totally new method. I leave taste, a fragrance, the texture of original mushrooms and am the product which I can preserve at room temperature in salt and pH regulator nonuse. Including processed foods such as the soup source curry stew, it is available to a restaurant, a side dish.

Compound model seasoning

I put raw materials of the plural *niku, fishery products, vegetables system together,
It is Japanese style, seasoning to be able to use in various scenes such as Western-style Chinese food.
Product explanation
Japanese-style and
It is the type that I mixed mainly on bonito raw materials. It is most suitable for udon and soba soup, ramen soup.
Chinese style
It is the type that mixed *nikusozai, sesame oil, spice. When I want to give a Chinese atmosphere, it is available.
There is powdery bouillon of the type and chemical seasoning no addition mainly on chicken raw materials. I can match it with various dishes.

Flavor improvement material

It is the material that our technique improving a flavor of the food was made full use of.
Product explanation
Deep sea mineral water powder
I have effects such as immaturity of the soybean milk, the masking of the spawn smell. I reduce a yeast smell of the bread by the other use and can expect butter-flavored improvement.
Taste favor
It is most suitable for the masking of the acetic acid smell, the aftertaste improvement effect of the high sweetness degree sweetener. Liquid article and powder have style and can use it depending on a use.
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