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Quality rise

Quality rise is teimiaratamezensozai which built up soybeans in us's original technique as raw materials. I strengthen thickness of the taste, the body taste for various food by a little addition and form a feeling of body. In addition, I show an effect such as the reinforcement of a feeling of milk, the salted reinforcement. I can expect an effect for the masking of the unpleasant flavor other than it.


◎I assume a soybean raw materials, but there are few taste, fragrances peculiar to a soybean, and the color when it dissolved is an extremely thin product. Therefore I do not spoil a flavor, a color of end product itself and can use improvement of the taste or the masking of the unpleasant flavor for a purpose widely in total.
◎There is an enhancing effect of the saltiness that often becomes the problem in low-sodium food and has a masking effect of egu taste, the metal taste derived from potassium chloride (KCl) at the same time.

Flavor, teimiaratamezenkoka

Flavor, teimi
Quantity of addition (comparison)
Applied example
Thickness of the taste
Raise of the taste
0.05 ... 0.2% (soup)
Low-sodium food, ramen soup
Improvement of a feeling of milk fat
0.1 ... 0.3% (stew)
Cream stew, whip cream, ice cream
Straight smell
0.05 ... 0.2% (sauce)
Simmering in miso, hamburger steak of the mackerel
Grains smell
0.1 ... 0.3% (cookie)
Bread cookie containing a soy flour, graham flour, the vegetable protein
0.05 ... 0.3% (drink)
Catechin-containing drink
egu taste
0.05 ... 0.2% (soup)
Potassium chloride-containing low-sodium food
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