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Pure mash 100

Pure mash 100 is retort mushrooms using fresh mushrooms from Netherlands.
I can enjoy mushrooms original taste and texture without using salt and a pH regulator unlike canned boiled before mushrooms.
In addition, the raw materials process mushrooms of the high quality managed thoroughly from Netherlands from a cultivation nutrient medium and are available in peace.


  • The taste of mushrooms is valid.
  • I have the same texture when I process fresh mushrooms.
  • As all the water is of mushrooms origin, I can use it for seasoning entirely.
  • As it is with a bag, I reduce quantity of the garbage.
  • It is a product of the relief in Netherlands.


  • Western-style stewed dishes such as soup, sources, the curry stew
  • Ingredients materials of a pizza and the bread

Process of manufacture

Collection of recipes using Pure mash 100

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